Summit Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Program

Summit Academy

The Summit Inpatient Program: Group & Individual Counseling Sessions

Summit Academy provides a supportive, caring environment where students are taught the skills necessary to develop productive and respectful relationships with peers, parents and other adults.

A Plan for Success

Upon arrival, each student meets his assigned counselor, who develops, implements and evaluates his Individualized Service Plan (ISP). Probation Officers participate in he plan and formal reports are submitted on a regular basis to them and the student's Judge. In order to ensure effective communication with parents and guardians, students and counselors maintain contact with their families on a weekly basis.

Finding the Good,
Freeing the Anger

From informal individual counseling sessions to group counseling formats, our youth have access to a full spectrum of rehabilitative counseling services. They learn to redefine who they are, refocus their energies and begin to repair relationships. Quite simply, they make the discoveries of a lifetime. Group sessions include: