New Outlook Academy

New Outlook Academy: Family & Aftercare Services

Creating a Transition Plan

Prior to discharge, each student participates in the creation of her own Transition Plan. This document serves as a roadmap to success, outlining her future priorities and objectives. The Transition Plan includes a holistic approach to community and family reunification and draws in all the influences in the young woman's life: probation offices, school districts, parents, families and community resources.

A Sense of Purpose and Belonging

New Outlook students returning to Allegheny County may enroll in The Academy Day/Evening Aftercare Program as part of their reintegration and continue to receive positive reinforcement as part of the "New Outlook family." In Philadelphia County, students can work with our reintegration team to receive assistance for themselves or their families.

Success is Contagious

At every level, across all of our programs, New Outlook Academy strives to instill a deep sense of accomplishment and achievement in our students. We have seen it change lives, time and time again. Once students have proven themselves, they know they have more strength than they ever imagined. And then, they are free to realize their true potential.