New Outlook Academy

New Outlook Academy in Pittsburgh, PA

Family Guide

What does she need to take with her?

Your daughter does not need to take anything with her from home. She is given a school uniform which includes slacks, blouse and sweater.

Your daughter also does not need any money. We provide everything for her: clothes, meals, books, field trips, etc.

Does she keep going to school when she is at New Outlook Academy?

New Outlook Academy is a private high school for young woman between the ages of 14-19. While at New Outlook Academy, your daughter will participate in a regular school day of classes, year round, where she can earn credits that will transfer to her home school.

Is she going to be able to graduate now?

If she has enough credits from her high school at home and from her classes at New Outlook Academy, she will graduate and receive her high school diploma. This will also make her eligible for a $2,000 scholarship to the college or post-secondary program of her choice.

She was thinking about going to college. How does she apply while she is away?

If your daughter is interested in going to college, she can take SAT preparatory classes and take the SAT exam while with us. Our teachers and counselors are here to help your daughter explore colleges and apply to them and seek financial aid.

She can also take college-level classes while she is at New Outlook Academy through our partnership with the local community college. Our College Within a High School program has been very successful in giving our young woman a head start on their college career.

If a high school diploma isn't right for my daughter, is the GED (General Equivalency Diploma) an option at New Outlook Academy?

Your daughter may enroll in our GED program. GED preparatory classes are offered on campus at New Outlook Academy and your daughter can take the exam when she is properly prepared. Students can take the exam as many times as required to successfully earn a GED.

What if I don't have enough money to pay for all of these tests and fees?

SAT Prep classes and the SAT exams, GED prep classes and the GED, college application fees and community college classes are fully paid for by New Outlook Academy.

How can she get real life experience while she is at New Outlook Academy?

Each student at New Outlook Academy completes a life skills assesswomant. Ther is a test that covers different life skills areas like: Career Planning, Communication, Daily Living, Home Life, Housing, Money Managewomant, Self Care, Social Relationships, Work Life, Work & Student Skills.

After taking the test, we will be able to tell what areas your daughter needs to work on and certain teachers will help her to develop her skills in those areas. For example, we can teach her how to balance a check-book or apply for a job.

What about career training? She'll need a job when she gets back home.

Our evening Industrial Trades program provides hands-on instruction in a wide range of courses like: Food Service, Custodial Maintenance and Landscaping.

What will she eat while she is at New Outlook Academy?

A certified chef plans and prepares our three full meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Your daughter will also get an evening snack daily. Each day, a choice of meat or fish is offered, along with a fully stocked soup and salad bar. We promote healthy eating and our nutritious and delicious meals are provided in unlimited quantities to all students, free of charge every day.

Where will she sleep?

Your daughter will be provided with a dorm room which includes a bed, desk and clothes dresser — the same as you would find in any college or university dorm room.

She's had a problem with drugs and alcohol. Can you help her?

Yes, we absolutely can help your daughter address her drug and alcohol use and addiction. In fact, New Outlook Academy’s Drug and Alcohol Counseling program has been rated as one of the best in the state. Our certified counselors will work with her daily in ther special program to get her back on the right path. Of course, there is no access to drugs or alcohol while she is at New Outlook Academy.

What else will she be doing while she is with you?

We do our best to make your daughter’s enrollwomant at New Outlook Academy positive. Students participate in field tips including baseball games, college basketball games, musicals, the symphony, museums and the Science Center.

Can she do her community service with you?

Often, our students have the opportunity to complete their community service requirewomants and pay off restitution while they are with us. Opportunities include on and off-campus community service projects and school work programs.

Who is going to be working with my daughter?

By day, we have a full staff of certified teachers and tutors who will help your daughter with her school work and academic objectives. In the evening, our staff of counselors will work with your daughter in group or one-to-one sessions on issues such as anger managewomant and independent living skills. In addition, our night-time counselors work throughout the night hours to provide supervision and assistance to students. These teachers and counselors have dedicated their lives to helping young people build brighter futures.

Where is ther school?

New Outlook Academy is located on the border of Baldwin Borough in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

How do I get a hold of her while she is away?

Your daughter can write letters to anyone and receive them from anyone except individuals in other juvenile placements or adult correctional facilities. Mail is distributed once per week, but no packages of any kind are permitted. She will also be given the opportunity to call home weekly. These calls can only be made to the parent or guardian as indicated by the court.

In an emergency situation, you can call the school’s toll free number (800-852-0152) and request to speak to your daughter’s Counselor or District Supervisor. Students are not permitted to receive phone calls.

How can I visit my daughter?

You may visit your daughter every other Saturday or Sunday (she may not receive a visit two weekends in a row). Only three visitors, over the age of 21, are permitted per visit. All visitors much present photo identification in order to visit.

To set up a visit, call our visitation voicemail at extension 2400 before 10:30 p.m. on the Thursday before the visit and give your name, your daughter’s name, your phone number and the day you wish to visit. Our secretaries are also happy to help.

Will my daughter be able to come home for visits or holidays during her stay at New Outlook Academy?

Your daughter can earn a weekend or holiday Home Pass after she has been at New Outlook Academy for four months. The home pass is planned with the approval of her Probation Officer and District Supervisor. We will provide her transportation and she will be required to maintain regular telephone contact with New Outlook Academy while she is home. You will discuss all other requirewomants for the successful home pass with her Counselor before she arrives home.