Day/Evening Program

Summit Academy

The Academy Day/Evening Program: Individual & Group Counseling Sessions

 Students at The Academy Day/Evening Program have the opportunity participate in individual counseling sessions, as well as several group counseling curricula.   The productive and respectful relationships that they develop with their counselors and group facilitators are often their catalyst for change and success.

A Plan for Success 

Upon arrival, each student meets with his/her assigned Counselor, who develops, implements and evaluates an Individualized Service Plan (ISP).  Probation Officers and Caseworkers participate in the plan and formal reports are submitted on a regular basis to the committing Judge.  We also encourage parents to participate and communicate regularly with their child’s Counselor.  When necessary, The Academy will provide transportation to and from the school for any parent/guardian who requires such assistance

Finding the Good,
Freeing the Anger

From informal individual counseling sessions to group counseling sessions, our young people benefit from a full spectrum of rehabilitative counseling services.  They learn to redefine who they are, refocus their energies and begin to repair relationships.  Quite simply, they make the discoveries of a lifetime.  Evidence-based and BARJ-focused group counseling sessions include Aggression Replacement Training, Victim Awareness and Life Skills.