New Academy Charter School

New Academy Charter School in Pittsburgh, PA

New Academy Charter School: Support Services

Creating a support structure that operates alongside our educational and academic programs is a critical part of what we offer at New Academy Charter School. It’s what makes us truly unique.

Just a sampling of the ways we work with the whole student, to bring out the best in each child, includes:

Dedicated Discipline Team collaborates with teachers, administrators, parents and probation officers to ensure students are held accountable for breaches of conduct, which include policy violations, unsatisfactory attendance or inappropriate behavior.

Door-to-Door Transportation ensures that students get here on time, every day — a crucial factor to reducing the poor attendance that held so many students back at their prior schools.

Two Full Meals Served Daily for all students to enjoy a hot breakfast and lunch, free of charge. Proper regular nourishment strongly contributes to classroom success.

Counseling & Relationship Building with our teachers and staff who work closely with students to build trust; this is a critical element to helping them redirect their lives.

Health Services are available through a registered school nurse and EMT. A vision and hearing screening are also provided in accordance with state requirements.

Behavioral Health Services are provided by a licensed Psychologist who is employed to provide any necessary testing and assessments. Because our students are court-adjudicated, they benefit from regular evaluations and a structured plan overseen by licensed behavioral health experts.

Family Services Team ensures family involvement in each child's education and development. Regular home visits and close contact with family members encourage parents and caregivers to be a part of our extended "family".