New Academy Charter School

New Academy Charter School in Pittsburgh, PA

New Academy Charter School: Post Secondary Planning

New Academy Charter School prepares students to look beyond high school and imagine the best possible future for themselves. Our goal is to remove every impediment to success and strengthen their desire to become productive members of society.

Our High Graduation Success Rate Sets a High
Bar for Our Students

With an exceptional graduation rate since our inception, New Academy Charter School instills students with the will to succeed. Each year, students who complete the state-mandated graduation requirement including completion of their senior project, earn their high school diploma and may particpate in our commencement ceremony.

SAT Program & Testing

Offers juniors and seniors SAT instruction and pre-testing. Students may also register for the college admission test free of charge. If necessary, transportation to the exam is also provided.

Career Development Department

In addition to teaching employability and life skills, our Career Development Department offers the following services to our students: