New Academy Charter School

Summit Academy

A Place to Learn, A Place to Belong, A Place to Succeed

We Treat Our Students As Young Men and Women
Not Juvenile Offenders.

When our students arrive here, it’s because they’ve been in trouble with the law. In trouble at school. Lacking structure in their lives and without any sense of their own pride or potential.

Our job is to change all that.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, New Academy Charter School opened in 2005, in partnership with the City of Pittsburgh School District and educates students in grades 8-12 following a typical school year schedule.

Every day, our students come to school wearing our required uniform. For our young men, it’s an oxford dress shirt, tie, belt and khaki pants. For our young women, it’s a blouse and dress pants. And every day, every individual is treated like a young adult, with the expectation that they will behave like one. Surrounded by people who care, and within a structure that demands a higher standard of conduct, they thrive. They learn. They begin to transform their lives.